Disability Support Services


The Disability Support Services Office (DSS) provides assistance to adult students who have disabilities. Services available include course advisement, personalized registration assistance, test accommodations, classroom accommodations in providing necessary accommodations to students who have physical disabilities, hearing impairments, and vision loss. Also serves students with learning and emotional disabilities or a history of substance abuse. Official documentation of disability required. Call to schedule an appointment. 




To be eligible for assistance, you will need to provide documentation which states your disabilities. This information is confidential and is not shared with instructors without your explicit permission. This documentation may include: 


  • Medical diagnosis information that you have onfile at home
  • Copy of an inactive I.E.P. (previousSpecial Educationstudent)
  • Letter or medical report from aphysician or psychologist
  • Audiology test reports
  • Copy of the originalphysician's documentation for the DMV or Social Security Office
  • Workers Compensation records
  • Record of a veteran's service-related disability                                     


* Please note that all accommodations must be clearly identified, directly correlated to the disability, and documented by a medical professional who is qualified to make the diagnosis. 


Once you have qualified and registered through the DSS Office, we will assist you with registration and coordination of service and accommodations throughout your training. We are always here to provide assistance and support during your education. 




If you need financial assistance with the costs of training, and plan to enter into employment following the completion of your training, you may qualify for services and support through the Department of Rehabilitation. This is a free service that assists adults who have disabilities to prepare for and secure employment. For more information, click on this link: https://www.dor.ca.gov/  




Monday and Friday 8:45 a.m. – 3:15 p.m. 




Edith Villanueva

Disability Support Services Advisor 

(310) 664-5888

E-mail [email protected]