High School Diploma

Earn Your High School Diploma or the

High School Equivalency Certificate (HiSET or TASC)


Improve Your Career Training or Employment Skills


Adult Secondary Education (ASE) program offers A-G approved high school courses in traditional classes (learn with a class), individualized labs (learn at your own pace), or independent study classes (learn at home).


For more information refer to the Academic Schedule of Class.

Two Paths to your LAUSD High School Diploma


Los Angeles Unified School District offers two ways to earn a high school diploma. Many Venice Skills Center students follow Plan B, which is not available to students at comprehensive high schools. Your reading level and the credits you have already earned will determine which plan is better for you. Plan B is recommended for you if you are a year or more behind in credits.



Plan A - All Coursework


Complete 170 required academic course credits (does not include P.E., service, advisory, etc.)


170 Required Academic Credits:

  1. English (40 credits)
  2. Mathematics (20 credits)
  3. Social Studies (30 credits)
  4. Health and Science (25 credits)
  5. Fine Arts or Foreign Language (10 credits in one area only)
  6. Personal and Career Development (10 Credits)
  7. Electives (35 credits)


Plan B - Diploma Plus


You must complete the listed requirements to earn your High School Diploma:

  1. English 10B or Literature course
  2. Expository Composition
  3. Algebra 1A (or higher)
  4. Algebra 1B (or higher)
  5. U.S. History 1
  6. U.S. History 2
  7. U.S. Government
  8. Health
  9. Computer Class
  10. Career or Personal Development Course (Psychology, College & Career Preparation II, Parent Education, Economics, or AVID)
  11. Take and Pass the High School Equivalency Exam: GED, HiSET, or TASC
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