Venice Skills Center News

Teaching and Administrative Staff
Lorenzo Alvarado
VSC plant manager, Lorenzo Alvarado, received the CCAE-Los Angeles Metro Section Fall 2023 Classified Excellence Award. Mr. Alvarado has over eight years of experience in the custodial work area. As a plant manager, he encourages collaboration ethics and manages his team with respect and efficiency. Mr. Alvarado is a reliable and positive person to work with.
The recipient of California Council for Adult Education Excellence in Classified Support Services, 2022 annual award, Karen G. Argumedo is an important member of the VSC administrative team. Her professionalism is complimented by polite manners and an exemplary sense of responsibility. Karen is considerate and shows genuine respect toward colleagues and students.
Linda Camara Morales, the SAA (School Administrative Assistant) at Venice Skills Center, is the recipient of CCAE Excellence in Classified Support Services, 2023 annual award. She comes to Venice Skills Center with years of experience at LAUSD. "Since coming to DACE, I've met a student community that has made their education a priority, which in turn has inspired me to do my best," she explains. 
Elizabeth Espinosa, an outstanding teacher with over twenty years of classroom experience, is the 2023 recipient of CALCO Excellence in Teaching award. This award is in recognition of teachers with exemplary educational practices. 
An accomplished academic teacher at VSC, Sybil Gonzales is selected as the recipient of the 2023 Wave Award for excellence in teaching. She has been primarily teaching students in the Accelerated College and Career Transition Program.
Adriane Nichols, the VSC ESL Pathway Advisor, is the recipient of CCAE Excellence in Support Services, 2023 annual award. Adriane brings years of teaching and advising experience to the ESL program at VSC. Adriane works with teachers and students at all levels of ESL. She encourages and involves teachers with planning and implementing professional learning community (PLC) sessions.
Stephen Roth is the recipient of 2019 Wave Award - an award given to teachers "nominated by their peers in recognition of outstanding leadership, academic excellence, and contributions to the community.
A National SkillsUSA gold medal recipient, Marcela Guzman completed the Dental Assistant program with Yolanda Navarro and was subsequently employed at a Culver City Dental office. She is planning to continue her education and become a dental hygienist.
Two-times National SkillsUSA gold medal recipient and OTAN's 2022 Student Succeed Honoree, Nicholas Marks joined Venice Skills Center in 2019 and completed the CISCO certifications and Cybersecurity courses with Robert Yorgason.
An LAUSD Champion, recognized by the LAUSD Superintendent Alberto Carvalho, and a National SkillsUSA awardee, Everett Martinez is an excellent example of student success. A former student of Robert Yorgason, he is currently employed in the cybersecurity technology sector. Everett is especially proud to be a role model for his children.