ACCT – Accelerated College and Career Transition

(formerly Alternative Education & Work Center (AEWC)


What is ACCT?

The Accelerated College and Career Transition Program is an educational alternative path for high school students 16 to 24 years of age who want to earn a high school diploma. This alternative education program may be quite different from your previous school. Success is based on quality and quantity of student work. The school is open Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Students are encouraged to attend school as much as possible for maximum progress. Students must attend school at least one day every week and must complete the assigned schoolwork in order to stay enrolled. Most students in good standing, with no missed weeks of school work, are eligible for letters of recommendation, work permits, etc. The mode of instruction in ACCT is independent study.


What is independent Study?

Independent study is a voluntary alternative to regular classroom instruction. The program requires a reasonable reading level and a high level of commitment from students. It is not an alternative curriculum. All classes are aligned with the California content standards and all credits earned in ACCT are transferable. Students are held responsible for meeting with teachers and completing all required coursework.


How does it work?

Mr. Gomez, the student, and the parents will map out a plan tailored to support the student towards his or her goal of high school graduation. This plan is based on the student's transcript and will include coursework and testing to meet all district and state requirements. Students who are a year or more behind in credits may be interested in the Diploma Plus program. The Diploma Plus program requires students to complete the ten state-mandated and district-required classes, and to pass the High School Equivalency Exam to earn their high school diploma. Most students choose to work on one or two classes at a time. The contracts include readings, worksheets, tests, essays, videos, or other assignments that the student must complete in order to receive credit for the course. Students are encouraged to be in the classroom as much as possible to get the help they need. Work is graded by our staff and any work not earning a grade of C or better will be returned to the student for revision.


Parents can help students to reach their academic goals. Expect your student to complete five assignments each day and to finish a course per month. Check the "student point" box on the lower right portion of the weekly assignment sheet to see if your child is completing the assigned work every week. The due date is printed on the upper right area of every assignment sheet. Help your student set goals for completing classes and earning a diploma. If you have concerns or questions about your student's progress, we hope you will call us:


The best way to reach us: Moises Gomez, Teacher Advisor 310-664-5824[email protected] 




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