High School Equivalency Certificate

What is the HiSET Exam?


In the United States and its territories, adults who left high school before graduation have another way to secure a High School Equivalency Credential.


What does that mean? It means that, through testing, you can demonstrate you have the same skills and knowledge as a high school graduate. Doing so can help you have a brighter future!


Once you pass all sections of the test, the state will issue you a High School Equivalency Credential.




How Can I Prepare for the HiSET Exam?


To support its students, the Venice Skills Center offers a non-credit class that helps individuals prepare for the exam. 


Preparation for the HiSET is available FREE of charge.


The class offers students an opportunity to study at home using computer software and resource material(s) supplied by the teacher. It is recommended that students have internet access and a computer to prepare for the HiSET at home. 


Prerequisite: TABE Reading Assessment score of 9.1 or higher prior to registration.




Why take the HiSET Exam?


If you want to pursue a rewarding career or continue your education, getting your High School Equivalency Credential is the most important step you can take. Many colleges and employers require it.


The HiSET exam, the new alternative to the GED test, can help you achieve this important state-issued High School Equivalency Credential.




What’s on the HiSET Exam?


Your skills and knowledge are measured in five core areas that make up the HiSET subtests:


Language Arts – Reading      Time:  65 min.     Format:  50 multiple-choice question.


Language Arts – Writing        Time:  120 min.   Format: 60 multiple-choice-questions and an Essay.


Mathematics                            Time:  90 min.     Format: 55 multiple-choice questions.


Science                                    Time: 80 min.      Format: 60 multiple-choice questions.


Social Studies                         Time: 70 min.      Format: 60 multiple-choice questions.




How can I prepare for the Exam?


Sign up for HiSET Preparation Courses!



What do I need to register for the HiSET Exam?


  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Must possess a government issued ID: Passport, Driver’s License, State ID, National ID card,
  • Military ID card. Proof of residency is required for non-California State ID or Driver’s License (The last name on your primary ID must match the name of the name on your registration confirmation.
  • Cost of Test: $150.00 for Full Battery, $30.00 Each Test Retake




Where can I take the HiSET Exam?


Contact Venice Skills Center

611 5th Ave., Venice, CA 90291

(310) 664-5888


Contact Westchester Emerson Learning Center

8810 Emerson Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90045

(310) 258-2000




Where can I get more information?


Please contact our counselors for more information or visit:





Transcript Requests


HiSET® Transcripts are available from the Parchment website at: www.parchment.com


GED® Transcripts: www.GED.com